Our Farm Team

While the Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary and Eco-Retreat does not technically have “staff” we do have a team of amazing volunteers who literally staff the farm and take care of just about everything. These wonderfully compassionate individuals are what makes it possible for us to do the work we do and without them, we would be lost.

volunteer-cate-principati Cate Principati, Farm Manager
Cate is one of the most dedicated volunteers anyone could ask for. Not only is the Farm Manager and Animal Caregiver, she is also a dear friend to everyone at the farm. Care assists in all areas of the farm from animal care and grooming to housekeeping and grounds maintenance. Cate has a incredibly special bond with each animal and takes care to work with them individually so their specific needs are met. Jake the Donkey (pictured with Cate) hold a special place in Cate’s heart and one of her favorite furry babies to spend time with.
board-richard-ladez Richard LaDez, Grounds & Facilities
Richard got involved with Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary and Eco-Retreat (BMASER) when he came her to drop off some rescued pigs (Chloe and Wilbur). He fell in love with the farm and has been with us ever since. An long time animal advocate, Richard works for the Humane Society of the Untied States. He has brought s plethora of knowledge, compassion and good old fashion elbow grease to Burleigh. He is an incredible asset to the team and we don’t know what we would do with out him.
board-edward-davis Edward Davis, Jr., Operations
Eddie was born in 1943 and graduated in 1961. He was a Jet Fighter mechanic in the US Air Force, and then entered the family Lumber & Building Materials business, from where he also became active in real estate development and building until his retirement. His being able to understand how things work, as well as knowing how to fix them, and his love of, and taking care of animals are great assets for us. His business knowledge, and experience in multiple businesses, helps him to be very well rounded in executing his duties as Director of Operations.
024_Nathaniel Nathaniel Corn, Creative Director
Being the creative director at a farm isn’t the same job you’d find in corporate America. While Nathaniel certainly has many artistic duties, such as doing the farm’s photography and some promotional and design work, he also is known for creative problem solving. Since starting his volunteer work at Burleigh in early 2013, he has been involved with projects that varied from tee shirts to installing heaters to making quince jelly. Nathaniel also heads up the community garden project on the farm, growing food in all four seasons for the animals, volunteers and public to enjoy. When he isn’t at Burleigh, Nathaniel co-owns Balance Photography with his wife Rissa, where he is the primary photographer.
27_Rissa Rissa Miller, Event Coordinator/Tour Guide
Rissa started volunteering at Burleigh in spring of 2013. It was her love of goats that first attracted her to the farm; but it was falling in love with all the animals that has sealed the deal! She took over as tour guide in early 2014 and has led the majority of public and private tours on the grounds since. As part of her duties, Rissa helps coordinate all the public farm days and events, as well as acting as a liaison for private events at the farm. In addition to events and tours, she also assists in fund-raising, grant research, grooming, photography, promotions/PR and other chores around the farm. In life outside Burleigh, Rissa co-owns Balance Photography with her husband Nathaniel, which is a commercial studio that has operating in the Baltimore DC corridor for 15 years.
10_KJ_rt Kristin Linde, Web Master
Kristin started volunteering at Burleigh in the winter of 2014 when she volunteered to start helping with the new website project and other marketing initiatives. Kristin was drawn to volunteering by her love of animals and her ability to donate her service to a causes she is passionate about. Kristin is the owner of Visual Inspiration, a web development and marketing company in the Baltimore/DC area. She and her husband, who is also a volunteer, love Burliegh and love helping out in any and every way they can.
08_KJ_rt Jason Linde,
Jason started volunteering at Burleigh in the winter of 2014 by donating his services as a graphic designer. Jason, like his wife Kristin, is very passionate about helping Burleigh and volunteering with animals. In 2015, Jason started to volunteer doing manual labor on the farm and absolutely loves it. Jason works for Visual Inspiration as an art director and project manager.
22_BurleighAnimals Bruno
Our Siberian Husky, Bruno, otherwise known as┬áHandsome, is a familiar face at the farm. We originally got him from the Delaware Valley Siberian Husky rescue in 2009. Bruno has a seizure disorder and takes medication daily. His meds have probably helped foster his laid back style which makes him the perfect mother figure to nurture our farm animals. Bruno has┬áserved as ‘Mommy’ to both Mabel the pig and Honey the lamb.