Our Rainbow Bridge Memorial


This page is dedicated to those souls who have left us and crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Burleigh Manor’s Rainbow Bridge Memorial program offers a unique way to honor and memorialize our animal friends — either your personal companions or your adopted farm animals at Burleigh Manor.

A memorial donation is a meaningful tribute to our animal friends and family that will help support the rescue and care of thousands more animals at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary.

A gift memorial donation can offer support to a friend or family member who has lost a beloved animal friend; gift recipients will receive a letter of sympathy and memorial card noting the generous gift giver.

Planned Giving

You don’t have to be wealthy to make a significant gift for farm animal protection. Planned gifts are gateways to creating extraordinary change. What better way to reflect your values of compassion and care than to include Burleigh Manor in your estate plans, and ensure that you continue to create extraordinary acts of change for farm animals as your legacy.

Find Sample Bequest Language here.

In Memorium


Lacey was a beautiful Colombian Wyandotte hen who lived with us at the farm for quite a while. She and Arizona, one of our roosters, were the parents of several of our other chickens including Muffin.


Rosie was a beautiful Long Island Red chicken who got along with everyone on the farm, especially her good buddy Jenny the donkey (pictured with her). She is dearly missed.


Molasses was a Black Copper Maran and Blue Araucana mix, the off spring of Mirabel.


Junior was a Black Copper Maran and Blue Araucana mix, the off spring of Mirabel.


Mirabel was a beautiful Blue Araucana chicken who lived with us on the farm. She was a very loving and cuddle friendly chicken and also the mother of several other of our chickens; Muffin, Molasses, and Junior.


Hettie was one of our beautiful Silver-laced Wyandotte hens. She was as friendly and loving as a chicken could be and enjoyed roosting with Clara and Eleanor.


Peter Rabbit was an easy-going 4-H bunny surrendered to BMASER in 2013. He was the best of friends with Oreo and Mocha who miss him dearly.


Butterfinger was a senior Quarter horse pony rescued from slaughter in 2012. He was blind in one eye but that never stopped him from getting out there and kicking up the pasture with his best friend, Apple Jack.


Barnie, short for Barn Cat, came to us in late Fall of 2012 with a retired Thoroughbred racehorse named Doogie and a mini donkey named Jake. The three were an inseparable trio. They were surrendered to Burleigh Manor when their owner developed a serious medical condition. Within the first two week of Barnie’s arrival at BMASER, she went into heart failure and nearly died. The cause of her heart failure was hyperthyroidism and once that was treated, her health issues resolved. Because she was weak for many months, she became an indoor kitty. Even though she missed her outdoor life, she enjoyed the warmth and coziness of the house. Up until she passed, she enjoyed weekly outdoor visits to see Doogie and Jack.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt and her sister Clara Barton were both beautiful Dominque chickens. They came to Burleigh together, later in their lives, and loved it here. Eleanor was a beautifully sweet and docile chicken and we really do miss her deary.

Clara Barton

Clara Barton and her sister  Eleanor Roosevelt were both beautiful Dominque chickens. They came to Burleigh together, later in their lives, and loved it here. Clara was an extremely friendly and loving chicken. She loved to spend time with her sister and the other animals on the farm.


Along with Vogue, our darling Appalousa pony, Pagan, was also the first (or second) animal we took into the sanctuary. And while fully blind, we miss his spirit and his will to live despite the challenges age and blindness bestowed upon him. He is reconnected with Vogue now somewhere over the rainbow bridge.


Beautiful Vogue, a Thoroughbred horse, was the first animal we took into our Sanctuary in July 2012. Even though she was a senior, she was our black beauty. We so miss her beautiful silhouette adorning the pasture. Brisky really misses her too.


Amir, affectionately known as ‘the gentle prince’ was a 20+ year old Arabian gelding who was rescued from the Thurmont auction in Maryland. True to his name, Amir was the prince of the pasture and we will dearly miss him.



Tiny was a young Black Copper Maran hen who had assumed the alpha position in the flock. She came to us with our roo, Arizona, by way of neighbors who couldn’t keep them due to zoning laws. While the leader of the hens, Tiny was quite friendly and enjoyed being around people. She loved to follow us around, especially when we had her favorite snack, dried meal worms, in hand. She really liked the outdoors and was always first to leave the coop every morning. We miss Tiny every day on the Farm, but we know she is happy and enjoying life over the rainbow Bridge.