Ask the Tour Guide: Which Animals are Oldest and Youngest?

The animals at the farm really span in age – some are quite young!

Rooster, Muffin, and Guinea Hen, Bucky, are the currently the youngest animals, both born in May 2014, so they are just one month over a year-old!

Bucky the Guinea Hen

Bucky, as she enjoys foraging in the yard.

Muffin the Rooster

Muffin keeps watch over the barnyard.

But four of our other animals were all born on Valentine’s Day 2014: sheep Marvin and Winston, and pigs Chloe and Wilbur all share the same birth date! These four cupids are about a year and four months-old. The sheep are brothers, they are Maine Katahdin Sheep; Chloe and Wilbur are brother and sister, and they are part Guinea Hog and Red Wattle Pig, both heirloom breeds.

Winston the sheep

Marvin the Sheep Marvin and Winston, two sheep brothers. They love hanging out together, and eating the landscaping!

As far as how long each of these six will live… roosters live to about 5 to 6 years. Guinea hens can live to be 12 to 15, if no predators come after them. Generally, sheep are expected to live 10 to 12 years, as do full-size pigs.

Wilbur and Chloe

Brother and Sis, Wilbur and Chloe, love an afternoon wallow.

On the opposite end, we have Jack the donkey. He’s over 40 years-old! It is not unusual for donkeys to live into their forties and the oldest donkey age ever recorded was 70 years as of 2012! So we hope that Jack has many more happy years at the farm.

Jack the Donkey

Jack is over 40 years-old and still as handsome as ever!

We hope you will come meet these youngsters, and sweet senior Jack at our next farm tours on August 23rd!

Rissa Miller is the head tour guide at Burleigh Manor and leads both private and public tours at the farm.  She welcomes your questions at any time and all the posts in her column are actual questions asked by guests during tours. Join us and try to stump Rissa!

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