Why Do We Shear Sheep?

Wool sheep cannot be left to go without an annual shearing. This is because wool continually grows and becomes heavy, soiled and unhealthy if not sheared.

Sheep shearing is generally carried out in the spring so that wool sheep do not become overheated in the summer. Sheep with too much wool are very susceptible to heat stress during the hot summer months.

We shear Honey, our Tunis wool sheep, purely for his comfort and health as the weather starts to heat up. We do not shear our three short-haired sheep, Marvin, Winston and Spice because they shed naturally. But since we want Honey to have as much fun running around the pasture this summer as his short-haired friends, he will be receiving his hair cut in early June.

Burleigh Manor is very fortunate to have an award-winning sheep shearer, Emily Chamelin, come out to shear Honey. Only 5% of sheep shearers in the world are women and she is one of them. In fact, Emily is known worldwide for her sheep shearing skills.

We hope you can join us for our Farm Tour on Saturday, June 4th 2016 when Emily comes out to shear Honey!

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