Will Travel For… Goat Scritchies?


Burleigh Manor recently had a celebrity guest! Author and blogger Kristin LaJeunesse stopped by to spend an afternoon meeting the animal residents at the Sanctuary. Kristin was in town last week to give a talk at the Baltimore Veg Fest and sign copies of her new book, Will Travel for Vegan Food. The book details her two-year solo journey across the country in a van to eat at all the nation’s vegan restaurants. Her amazing trek was chronicled on her blog, but the book goes more into the depths of her experience, how it transformed her and offers reflections on the 39,000 mile drive into almost every part of the United States.

After a tour, with greetings from Cash Mule and Jack the Donkey, Kristin found a forever friend in Lily Goat! Lily definitely bonded with our guest and reveled the scritches, scratches and loving. And Lily doesn’t warm up to just anyone. She is the shy goat in our herd. Maybe Kristin’s next journey should involve more goats? We’re just saying, if you have the gift of being a goat whisper, perhaps you should go with that…

cashmule jack

We enjoyed hearing about the different food Kristin sampled along the way, and what some of her favorites were. Locally, she dined at Land of Kush, Great Sage and One World Cafe during her trip, all favorites with the Burleigh crowd! In fact, Great Sage is hosting a fund-raiser for Burleigh on June 28th and One World Cafe is hosting the 2nd annual Art for Animals show starting November 16th!


If you would like to buy a copy of Kristin’s book, please use AmazonSmile and select “Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary” as your charity – then your purchase can win three times – you will support a young author, donate to your animal friends at the farm AND end up with a wonderful new book to read! If you want to follow Kristin’s further adventures, please check out her blog/website.

Thanks for including Burleigh Manor on your visit to Maryland, Kristin! Please visit again soon, Lily Goat is waiting to see you!!

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