Chickens and geese

The fee to adopt a chicken is $15/month or $180/year*. If an annual adoption is out of your budget please consider making a one-time donation. All donations to Burleigh Manor go directly to supporting and caring for our animals.

*Donations can be paid in full (one payment) or paid over 12 monthly payments. You can select the option that suits you best when checking out.

Your $15/month donation will supply the following:

  • 100lbs. of Chicken Feed
  • Annual Veterinary Check-Up
  • 12 Bags of Wood Shavings

Meet Our Chickens and geese

Greta Goose

Greta Goose is a lovable little goose! In Spring 2016, Greta was brought to BMASER by a caring neighbor who saw her wandering around a local park. We soon discovered that Greta was purchased as an Easter chick and later abandoned by her owners. Since she was raised by humans, her chance of survival in nature was very slim. Greta has acclimated to Burleigh life just fine! She is best friends with our female turkey, Maurica. You can catch them laying in the baby pool on hot summer days. Greta adores attention and affection!

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Bucky is a Guinea hen acquired from friends along with another female Guinea and a Guinea roo. The male and female pair had bonded and began chasing Bucky away. We took Bucky in to give her a happy home by pairing her with her new companion, Muffin.

Adopt Bucky


Lucy is an Americana hen otherwise known as an Easter Egger for the beautiful blue-colored eggs she lays. She is a sweet chicken who loves her main man, Arizona the rooster. She also loves to roost on her pal, Jenny the donkey’s, back.

Adopt Lucy


Born in May 2013, Muffin the rooster got his name because when he hatched out of his egg we thought he was a girl (hen). Then one day Muffin went cock-a-doodle-doo. Muffin is a sweetheart rooster who loves hugs and kisses. He is the offspring of Arizona, a black copper maran rooster and Lacey, a Colombian Wyandotte. Even though Muffin hatched from one of Lacey’s eggs, it was Mirabel who did the roosting and mothering, so she is the real mom that raised him.

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Arizona is a young, Black Copper Maran rooster who definitely rules the roost! Black Copper Marans are a rare breed of chicken in the United States but are a common breed in France. This handsome roo came to us by way of neighbors who couldn’t keep him due to zoning regulations. True to his nature, Arizona can often be seen chasing down the hens while at the same time protecting them. His crow can be heard far and wide but still doesn’t reach the decibel of Jenny the donkey.

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