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We wanted to extend our thanks to Lauren Shafer of No Meat Athlete Baltimore and Paul Shapiro from the Humane Society of the United States for being our special guests at May’s Farm Day and Open House/Tours. Lauren’s morning run was invigorating as the group traveled from Burleigh to Centennial Park, around the lake, and back. Lauren and Paul both joined us for the farm tour, meeting lots of new friends! Bucky even took a dust bath, just for the occasion!

Our small but attentive crowd enjoyed Paul Shapiro’s inspired talk about how diet affects so many aspects of life, and how our simple daily actions can make a difference for both people and animals. He shared personal stories from his visits to factory farms, and told everyone that positive changes ARE happening in our society and more are coming. Thanks Paul!

And of course, a huge thanksĀ  to our guests for coming and spending this lovely early summer day with us, and to the Burleigh volunteers, who make so much happen!

Hope we see you all on June 20th for our next Farm Day! This month we will have a special guest: Buddhist teacher Gen Chogden from Kadampa Meditation Center Maryland will lead a Compassion for Animals Meditation session! Stay tuned for details!

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